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Owner Operated  .  Licensed  .  Insured

Serving San Francisco Bay Area Dogs since 2003

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Way of the Wolf (WOTW) was founded to further Alan’s mission of bettering the human-canine relationship.  While providing dog walking, boarding, and other traditional services, Alan hopes to take WOTW a step further. By recognizing both the natural evolution of dogs and the modern realities of urban dog life, WOTW focuses on helping clients cultivate friendly and respectful canine citizens.  

Alan’s love for dogs led him towards a specialized interest in the dynamic aspects of dog behavior and group management. He has worked with individuals with dogs presenting behavioral issues, and successfully rehabilitated rescue dogs that were previously deemed unfit for society. In addition, Alan has volunteered with rescue organizations such as Reunion Rescue and Grateful Dogs Rescue.  

Aware of the multitude of dog and human personalities present in city life, Alan stresses the importance of safety and structure when caring for other’s beloved companions.  He takes careful measure to insure that his dogs - both the individuals and the pack – are attuned to the energy and emotional climate of their surroundings.  He feels this provides his dogs with the best mental and physical stimulation possible.