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“Alan is a reliable and trustworthy professional who most importantly loves dogs. Choosing a caregiver for your pet is not an easy decision to make. I adopted my girl Kona when she was about a year old. She had behavior issues to address stemming from her puppy beginning as a stray and full of boxer/viszla energy. Additionally Kona was my first dog. So the both of us had a steep learning curve in front of us. I was very impressed with Alan during our first meeting when he inheritably began to give her guidance (and to me) to begin a loving relationship.

I would be the first to recommend him as a dog caretaker; he’s also well respected by others in his profession. I know she is loved and safe. I want to take this opportunity to thank Alan for his steadfast and trustworthy service as my caregiver for Kona. Over the past years, I have known without a doubt that Kona was in excellent hands, rain or shine. Your dedication to Kona is much appreciated, as is your flexibility and honesty. You have been nothing short of outstanding. If Kona had them, she too would give you two thumbs up!”


I'm protective of my hounds and of my wallet.  I watched Alan from Way of the Wolf for months and months, observing him in action at the dog park, before letting our three dogs be under his care.  Being with dogs is not just a job for him... it's a vocation, a calling, a passion and an art form.  He is one in a million, expressing and sharing his love of dogs with calm, strong, confident leadership and affectionate care.“


“When I first met Alan and his immense pack of dogs I found myself suddenly intimidated by his entourage. Imagine a large pack on-leash behind a young man walking towards you hastily,  it's quite a scene to be seen. My reaction was simply that, reactionary. Alan had his pack under such precise control that it was almost as if each individual dog had its own supervisor advising it to remain calm. Ask him anything about dogs and I swear to goodness he knows the answer, it's that impressive. I would highly recommend Way Of The Wolf if you want your dog to join a play group in which your pup is secure and safely transported from home to park. This service is needed to maintain balance in each happy dogs life. “ 


“Alan is the best!  He's like hiring the Dog Whisperer.  He really gets dogs and is a great trainer and dog walker.  I trust him 100%.  He's completely reliable and super professional.  He even takes pictures of the dogs out playing and posts them on his site.  It's just one of the many testaments to his dedication to the dogs he cares for, and their owners.  He's really the best and I couldn't be happier having him as my dog walker and my dog trainer.“